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Who I am and what I do

Children’s Book Author

I’m a best-selling children’s author with almost half a million books sold in the U.S. I’ve been a guest on numerous television talk shows, have appeared in more than 300 classrooms and bookstores and been featured in magazine and newspaper articles nationwide.

Now I’m writing children’s books for museums, art museums, aquariums, history museums, wildlife parks and more!I create unique rhyming stories for children (and their parents) that focus on permanent exhibits at your museum. It’s a valuable way to delight families and connect them to your museum in a more personal way.

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My First Museum Book

I’m also a freelance advertising copywriter. In 2018, one of my freelance clients, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, asked if I could write a children’s book about dinosaurs in the Morian Hall of Paleontology. This book will be available in late 2019 and features Associate Curator of Paleontology David Temple as Dino Dave. I’m now available to write children’s books for aquariums, wildlife parks and art, history, science, technology and children’s museums.

My Office Assistant

Meet Hula. She’s the best office assistant a gal could have. She joined our family in November, 2018 and we’ve been laughing ever since.


How your book comes to life

A children’s book about your museum is powerful in so many ways. It will build your museum brand. It creates meaningful connections with your visitors and members. It can drive new revenue for your museum. You can even create and sell product extensions like plush toys and coloring books!


I’ll meet with your team, listen to your vision and learn about the exhibits you want to feature in your children’s book.


I’ll submit an outline for your children’s book, complete with sample stanzas and illustration ideas.


Upon outline approval, I’ll write the manuscript for the book. We’ll review it and edits will be made as needed.


I can help you find an illustrator or work with one you choose. I can collaborate with the illustrator about character development, page structure and more.


As a copywriter/creative director with 20+ years of experience, I can help brainstorm marketing strategies and even assist with copywriting.


I’m available for press interviews, book signings, school appearances and promotional efforts.

Let’s discuss your project

Museum Books

I work with amazing museums

In 2018, the Houston Museum of Natural Science commissioned me to write a 32-page children’s book featuring “Dino Dave,” a character based on David Temple, the Assistant Curator of Paleontology. He visits schools on behalf of the museum and is well known by the media, making him an ideal main character.The book follows Dino Dave on an adventure through the Morian Hall of Paleontology as he provides information about specific significant exhibits.

“Holly took hours of interviews and hundreds of facts, and distilled them into a fun, informative narrative that will inspire our little paleontologists-in-training.”
Becky Clark, Director of Retail Sales, HMNS
“Working with Holly is always a joy. Her creative approach and fresh perspective is necessary to bring clarity to sometimes challenging projects. With a mind for detail and one who always has the client’s best interest at heart she is the consummate professional. There is no project that isn’t attacked with enthusiasm and positive energy. Her self proclaimed Pollyanna perspective on life is refreshing and always welcome.”
Kim Bloedorn, Creative Director, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Story Time with Dino Dave at HMNS

Click here to watch the video!

About Big Adventures With Dino Dave

This 32-page illustrated children’s book follows a little girl who is visiting HMNS. When she sees Dino Dave at the Paleo Lab, she tells him she wants to see a dinosaur. Together they wander through the exhibit hall and meet four HMNS dinosaur “stars”—Wyrex the T-rex, Lane the Triceratops, Dipsy the Diplodocus and Meg the Megalodon. She’ll learn scientific facts in a whimsical manner and be inspired to become a paleontologist!

Ever wonder how a children’s book is created?

Here are some of the sketches and layouts by illustrator Brian White. Of course, you can use any illustrator you want for your museum’s children’s book.

Winner: Helen Keating Ott AwardRecognizing significant contributions to children’s literature through the promotion of high moral and ethical values
Winner: Bock Book AwardPromoting high moral values or actions for childrenPromoting high moral values or actions for children


By Holly

Holly has sold more than 480,000 children’s books and has appeared at 300+ bookstores and classrooms.My first six books are non-denominational books about God that introduced children to basic concepts about spirituality, including gratitude, joy and trusting one’s inner voice.My seventh book, Lucy Goose Goes To Texas, is about a Canada Goose named Lucy who learns importance lessons about teamwork and cooperation during a journey to Texas. The book blends facts about Canada geese and their migration, behaviors and science.

Big Adventures With Dino Dave

Big Adventures With Dino Dave follows a little girl who is visiting HMNS. When she sees Dino Dave at the Paleo Lab, she tells him she wants to see a dinosaur. Together they wander through the exhibit hall and meet four HMNS dinosaur “stars”—Wyrex the T-rex, Lane the Triceratops, Dipsy the Diplodocus and Meg the Megalodon. She’ll learn scientific facts in a whimsical manner and be inspired to become a paleontologist!

Click here to purchase your copy of Big Adventures With Dino Dave

Lucy Goose Goes To Texas

Lucy is an independent-minded Canada goose who is hatched in the beautiful northern wilderness, where her mother teaches her the importance of working together. But Lucy thinks she can do it all on her own. The story delights while sharing scientific fact about the migration of these geese and the importance of teamwork and cooperation for their survival.

Ages 6-12 / ISBN 1-932073-15-9 / Available on Kindle

God Believes in You

God Believes in You features the crazy antics of Buddy, her goofy-but-lovable Bullmastiff who faces the challenges of a difficult day. Thankfully, God is always there for him, whether he’s being pummeled by acorn-wielding squirrels or saving the day for a baby duck. It serves as a reminder that God believes in all of us.

Ages 4-10 / ISBN 1-932073-08-6 / Available on Kindle

Thank You, God

Winner: Golden Palm Award, Florida Writers Association, Nominated for Best Children’s Book 2004 by the Southeastern Bookseller’s Association.

This delightful rhyming tale follows a young girl through a day that begins with rain and ends with a true appreciation for everything around her. It is an exuberant reminder to all children of the power of a grateful heart.

Ages 4-10 / ISBN 1-932073-04-3 / Available on Kindle

Where Does God Live?

Where Does God Live? is a best-selling story of a young girl’s search for the truth about God and winner of the Bock Book Award. With the help of her friends, she finds an answer whose simplicity and beauty do honor to the Creator. It’s a classic spiritual tale with beautiful illustrations and in inspiring non-denominational message.

Ages 4-10 / ISBN 0-915811-73-1

Good Night God

Good Night God is the perfect bedtime story for that special child in your life. A young boy bids goodnight to the world around him, and anticipates a coming day filled with adventure and love. A lovely night time prayer to the Creator.

Ages 2-5 / ISBN 0-915811-84-7

My Spiritual Alphabet Book

My Spiritual Alphabet Book presents the alphabet with spirit and joy. Children will discover the wonder of God’s universe from A to Z.

Ages 4-8 / ISBN 0-915811-83-9 / Available on Kindle

Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart reminds children to appreciate every little thing in life, from the early morning light to the freckle on a knee. This brilliantly illustrated tale reminds us that all of life is a blessing and a gift.

Ages 4-8 / ISBN 0-915811-94-4 / Available on Kindle

Let’s talk about a children’s book for your museum!

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